Jukola 2019 (16.06.2019)
Kategori: Konkurranse
Arrangør: Kangasala
Land: Finland
Disiplin: Relay
Etappe: 7
The smart ones amongst you will see the lack of a track at control 27. This was not good.
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Torgeir Hawkings: My hypothesis is that gravity in the circle of 27th control was strongly negative, and pushed you away and around. At least it is what the route suggests. Eager to discuss other ideas.
Mr Road: I feel that the time space continuum was too great between myself and the group. This caused a rift in the fabric of reality into which the control fell. Being unconsciously eager to remain in this universe I was unable to reach the control.
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Jukola 2019 (16.06.2019) Jukola 2019 (16.06.2019)